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Does Your Business Offer Apprenticeships?

It's not as old fashioned as you think...

An estimated 180,000 employers take on new apprentices within the UK every year in industries such as fashion, aerospace and finance and many, many more. Here's your questions answered about apprenticeships. What if my workplace isn't the right learning environment? Which ever learning provider you choose they conduct a check on your work place before they take you on as a potential employer. They check on various things such as health and safety. Would Shoe repair be a potential industry for apprenticeships? YES! We have many members here at SOMSR that have apprentices and employees that have successfully completed their apprenticeship. Do apprentices stay with us after they have successfully completed their course? As of 2014 71% of apprentices stay with their employers after successfully completing their learning time. What if we can't afford to have an apprentice? Once the apprentice has successfully completed their apprenticeship the Government grant you £1500 to cover the costs of the apprentice. You can choose to share this with the Apprentice or keep it for your business. What is the minimum wage for apprentices? As of October 1st 2015 the National Minimum Apprenticeship wage increased to £3.30 an hour from £2.73

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