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Around the World Lockdowns

News from Italy that their lockdown, imposed seven weeks ago, is set to be partially relaxed with people being allowed to visit relatives in the same region in small numbers. Parks, factories and building sites will reopen but schools will be closed until after summer.

Many non food shops will open from 18th May.

Hairdressers and restaurants are expected to re open from 1st June.

Switzerland and Spain are also relaxing their measures but with strict limitations.

Germany has made the wearing of masks outside mandatory

New Zealand has cautiously relaxed some of their restrictions, which were some of the most stringent, having recorded the lowest number of deaths over the past few days. However social distancing will remain a priority. Most people will still be required to remain at home at all times and avoid social interaction

Australia has also seen a slowdown in reported deaths and is moving cautiously towards partial lifting of restrictions.

America - what can I say that Donald Trump hasn't already said............

Here we are all waiting for the government to announce what we can expect to happen over the next few days.

Stay safe

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