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Get Ready

At some stage in the not too distant future the government are going to lift some of the restrictions imposed on businesses at the start of the pandemic.

Are you prepared for it?

Some restrictions will stay in place or be modified. Only allowing a small number of people into shops at any one time... Keeping those people separated from each other. Perhaps restricted opening times.

There are other things you should also be looking at.

Your customers will expect you to provide a safe environment for them to enter, otherwise they will not come in.

Get a sneeze screen - plenty available on the internet from around £25 to £100's Free standing, hanging or fixed. Size is important. At least 80cm high is recommended. Under 5mm thick might be a bit flimsy. Keep it clean with antibacterial wipes

It's for your protection too.

If you haven't got a card machine perhaps now is a good time to get one. You can get simple keypad ones from the internet or go to a specific card machine provider. Cash can carry germs and in future the public may prefer to make all transactions by card .

If you have got a card machine - clean it. Buy specific electronic alcohol wipes or sprays and use regularly. Apparently vodka is good for cleaning up dirty equipment but it may stop it working.

Get antibacterial sprays or wipes for all surfaces that are touched by people coming in to your shop. Door handles, handrails, counters.

Launder your work clothes daily - don't risk using them twice.

Wear disposable gloves as much as possible. After use dispose of them responsibly.

So far it is not compulsory to wear a mask.............. soon it might be.... be prepared.

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