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Back to Work - Preparation and Execution

Working safely through Coronavirus- May 2020

As a business owner you have a legal responsibility to ensure that the health and safety of your customers and staff are protected at all times. The rules are changing almost on a daily basis and we aren’t even back to work yet. The following are some suggestions of how you can work towards providing that safe space. Please note, these are suggestions, if anyone has any handy tips that they would like to share please let me know.

NUMBERS - First of all you need to assess and manage the risks, starting with regard to social distancing requirements and the number of people within the shop. Check out the customer area, decide how many persons standing 2 metres apart can safely be contained and put a sign up to inform those entering the premises of the maximum allowed at any one time.

SANITISERS – try to provide hand sanitisers for staff and public use.

DOORS – If possible keep your door open. Good air circulation can reduce the effect of the virus.

SIGNS – Put reminder signs up to enforce the social distancing requirements.

MASKS - You are advised not to use the masks that would be better employed within the medical/care environment. Face coverings, either shop bought or homemade will serve the purpose of stopping you from spreading infection. And they can and should be washed frequently. COVID-19 can apparently linger on fabrics for two or three days and can transfer during that period. Try to change your work clothes daily and do not let them come into contact with other items of clothing that are clean.

SCREENS- get them installed as soon as possible. Wipe down frequently.

SURFACES – Keep them clean, door handles, screens, any surface touched by anyone. Card machines etc. keep antibacterial wipes handy, use them.

HANDLING – Try to create a pick up/ drop off point for the transfer of goods. Avoid direct hand to hand transfer. Keep incoming work entirely separate from finished work to avoid cross contamination.

TOUCHING MERCHANDISE – Request that customers, wherever possible, do not handle the goods on display unless they are actually purchasing the item.

GLOVES – not compulsory but highly advisable for your own protection. Dispose of them responsibly.

It’s a different world out there now – Stay Safe

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