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Only a few days now

It's a Spring Bank Holiday like no other we have had before.

It's a Spring Break like no other that we have ever had before. Many of us have almost forgotten what a welcome respite a 3 day weekend was after a hectic working week.

But 1st of June should be the day that restrictions are finally lifted on many small businesses and we can open our doors once again to customers.

Are you ready? Have you fitted the screens, provided sanitisers, put up social distancing info notices and generally made your shop ready for your customers?

The news from those who have already tentatively opened under the hardware banner is that customers are anxious to see you, especially for watch batteries and keys. So make sure you are ready for them and show them that you respect social distancing and are providing a safe and healthy environment for them.

It might not be 'Business as usual' right from the start but the signs are there that a form of normality is just round the corner.

Have a great weekend and good luck.

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