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Almost ... but not yet

The government has announced that JUNE 15th will be the earliest that non- essential shops can reopen. And only then if they have taken all recommended steps to safeguard the health and safety of their customers and staff.

Some in our trade have checked with their local council and have been advised that, if they are service providers, ie key cutters and suppliers of security equipment, they would fall within the guidelines of premises that allowed to be open as of now.

The choice is yours, you can check and confirm your status with your local council officers or you can wait for the official date.

On a separate issue, at the moment SoMSR is operating from my home where, unfortunately, I am unable to access certain parts of the organisation. Currently I cannot access the BACS system, the banking system or produce member certificates. Hopefully this will be resolved before too long and I can provide a higher level of service. Until then if anyone has any problems or just wants a chat I'm on 07540 991089.

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