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Face Mask Regulations - England

Face Mask Regulations

Following the Scottish example, face masks are about to become compulsory in ALL English shops from Friday 24th July. This will bring us in to line with certain parts of Europe, Germany, Italy and Spain. France has made it the responsibility of individual shops to insist on mask wearing.

A mask does not have to be a medical issue type. Any textile face covering such as a scarf or tube can be used as long as it is a close weave fabric and ideally double layered. The only qualification is that it must be in place continuously without having to be held in place by hand.

Cotton. linen and many synthetic materials will help to protect yourself and others.

The rules on people working in retail establishments has yet to be clarified. Scotland says that workers who are physically separated by screens or visors may be exempt. Also 'shop workers if they maintain 2 metre distance from customers or members of the public' (source )

It is unclear whether co- workers who are behind the same protective screen must wear masks.


Unfortunately the SoMSR office remains closed and it is not possible to carry out some of the day to day duties. Certificates, invoices and any banking/ payment issues are not available at the moment. Hopefully we will get back to normal eventually. Thank you for your patience

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