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Back to normal

It's now nearly 7 months since the world shuddered to a halt because of the COVID-19 outbreak. There are still some that think it was all a huge hoax, others think that the politicians over reacted and many I'm afraid who think that rules introduced for the health and safety of us all simply don't apply to them.

It looks like the mandatory wearing of face coverings will be around for a while longer, as will social distancing and restrictions on travel. More local lock downs are threatened if people continue to ignore the warnings. We hope common sense prevails.

As we enter early autumn hopefully business will gradually return to something like former levels. Key cutting, watch batteries and engraving seem to be steadily increasing and shoe repairs may start to become more popular as more and more people realise that the devastation to the natural resources of our planet has to be reduced. Who knows? it might even become fashionable.

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